Meat is the primary ingredient in most dogs' diets, and there is no doubt dogs love it, but once in a while you’ll find a dog who loves fruits and vegetables. My dog Lacey is one of those dogs.

Lacey is a 4 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Labrador Retriever mix, with a beautiful, jet black wavy coat. It started with carrots and apples, not too surprising as many dogs like those sweet, crunch treats, but when I realized she would come running whenever she heard the knife on the chopping board I started experimenting. Green beans? Yum. Cucumbers? Yes please. Iceberg Lettuce??? One of her favorites.  It is probably the crunch as much as the flavor that Lacey loves. Softer fruits, like tomatoes and strawberries don’t interest her, though she does love a piece of mango.

My other two dogs, Willow and Buster, won’t touch them. Your dog might love them, give it a try.  Most vegetable are as healthy for dogs as they are for humans, but never give your dog grapes, raisins or anything in the onion family and make sure the pieces are small enough so they can’t choke.

Let us know—is your dog a veggie lover or strictly a meat-eater.