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Q1. Do you ship outside of the US and what is the shipping charge?

A1. YES, we use US Postal Service., select this option at check-out. Do keep in mind that you are responsible to pay for custom and duty fees, these are not included in the shipping cost and product cost. Shipping cost vary, to ship one medium size crate cover to Canada costs approximately $27, this does not include VAT.

Q2. What does a dog crate cover do for your dog?

A2. A dog crate cover provides a cozy, warm and secure place for your dog. It shelters them from excessive noise, distraction of the area and offers comfort during severe thunderstorm or heavy downpour. It protects them from drafts especially if you are away for several hours. Lastly, it covers the wire crates which are not particularly appealing.

Q3. Do you make washable crate covers?

A3. Yes, we are developing our washable crate covers, they are going to be the best looking, designer washable crate covers on the market. Please check back with us at the end of 2014!!

Q4. How do I care for the dog crate covers?

A4. Our dog Crate and pet bed covers are made with high quality drapery and upholstery fabrics; as such they require dry cleaning just like your drapery. We recommend dry cleaning the crate cover once a year to maintain its sheen and form.

Q5. Have trouble with crate training? Our waterproof pet beds will come to the rescue!

A5. Our waterproof pet beds will help you manage the challenging phase of crate training, if your pet has an accident, simply wipe it with water and soap and wipe dry.

Q6. Do you make size 54 inch depth crate cover and matching dog bed?

A6. Yes, we have made several crate covers of this size, please send us an email with your custom request and we will promptly respond.

If you are looking for a product not on our website, please send an email to

Q7. Do you discount coupon?

A7. Yes, use "Loyalty Club" at checkout, click submit and the discount will be applied to most crate covers, dog beds and sofa covers.